Lunar Adventurer: A Retrowave Journey

Here's something I created using art from Midjourney. Unfortunately I couldn't get Midjourney to create my vision quite as I'd hoped but I think this comic turned out all right

Follow the story of a determined man with a bike and jetpack, as he takes off and soars through the air in a retro-futuristic universe. Upon reading this you'll be transported to a world full of adventure and wonder. Watch as the man explores the craters and mountains of the moon and marvels at the breathtaking view of the stars. This comic is sure to leave you inspired and eager for your own lunar adventures. Get ready to blast off on an unforgettable journey in "Lunar Adventurer: A Retrowave Journey".


Art created with Midjourney AI.

Script inspired by GPT-3

Layout and panelling done with Canva